More About Us

Hi! We're Pour Vous.

Woman + minority owned and operated. I first started off my journey to find the perfect scents that were to MY taste as I couldn't find any. This garnered much attention so I decided to start my own business.

My journey consisted of about a year of finding the perfect formula for the marriage of the brand's visual aesthetic and functionality. Our signature cube design made the search for the perfect wick and wax for the candles almost impossible. Many trials and tribulations had to occur in order to make this happen. During this time, i've gone through one pregnancy / baby / newborn. I'm finally here to announce that I have perfected my signature scents and am ready to share them with the world.

Working with fragrances has become the biggest passion project for me. Thank you for being here. I hope my products bring you as much joy as they bring me while creating them. 감사합니다.