Candle Care

Having trouble with your candle?

We understand, starting a good candle lighting habit can be a bit tricky in the beginning...

Hi! Heres a few tips we have for maintaining the best life for your candle : 

The first light (& every light): Try to keep that first light between three to four hours (two hours at the very very least if you need to head out!). Especially because our candles hold a unique shape, that first light will help prevent tunneling. But remember! Don't light candles for more than four hours at a time as it can turn up the heat and cause overheating of the candle (fire hazard!)

Trim your dang wicks: Don't be lazy... you just paid good money for a nice candle. Make sure to remove black soot off the top of the wooden wick before lighting the candle again EVERY TIME. Use your fingers -- you can always wash them after so don't worry. 

Candle size vs. size of room: When it comes to filling a room with our luxury fragrances, please make sure that the size of your room is adjacent to the size of the candle (this will guarantee that the fragrance is strong in the room). Or maybe you want a less potent scent from the candle. Feel free to play around with the placement of the candle. 

what to do in case of tunneling?

  • scrape the remaining wax on the side of the jar until the wax is even with the wick
  • if tunneling is JUST forming, make sure your next light is about 4 hours long
  • if the wick isn't staying lit because too much wax vs wick, try to remove some wax (scraping or use a paper towel to soak up some hot wax)
  • cut up a piece of foil and place on sides of the candle to create a open cave around the candle -- this will help the fire evenly heat the rest of the candle's sides 

please remember: candles are basically an open campfire indoors. keep away from little humans and pets. make sure they are burning under supervision. the flame may become higher than expected - nothing must be above the candle. make sure the surface the candle is burning on can handle the heat. 

if you still need help : check out our contact us page.